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Have a Go At Wind Surfing

So I have never really understood why I wanted to do this, but I wanted the feeling of wind flying through my hair hahaha


Anyway, I can safely say that Wind Surfing is not for me, but I gave it a go.


I toddled off and put on a wetsuit and then off in the water I went. The furthest I got was standing on the paddle board without the sail, but it was a good first atttempt, or so I'm told.


On the second outing I was more sensible and borrowed Marks drysuit and this time I actually managed to get the sail out of the water, ok it never went up and I never flew off across the water, but it was out of the water. It is amazing how much energy it takes to get that sail out the water.


Then I did my usual, and decided I liked it that much that I would spend a small fortune on my own drysuit and that was the curse. Whenever I spend a serious amount of money on anything it always goes wrong and so there endeth my career as a Wind Surfer, but I gave it a try and that is all I set out to do

DSC_7747 Windsurfing