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Wild at Heart



Well I never thought in a million years I would get to stand on the set of my most favourite tv drama on  the planet. However this year, by pure chance I was watching a tv talent show with Lucy Jo Hudson in and when I looked her up on Wiki I clicked the link on there to Wild at Heart.

The actual game reserve that the show was filmed on was called Glen Afric and it was only an hour and half outside of Jo'burg and Pam and I were heading out to SA in a few weeks. I spoke to Pam and she agreed that we could go, so we booked a couple of nights in one of the safari tents, went on a game drive, bush walk and of course did the set tour. I could go on and on forever about it, if was a truely amazing experience and everytime I go to Jo'burg I will definatley be visiting again. Thank you SA :)

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