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Visit Family In Africa

I have always known that we have family in South Africa, but to my shame we have never visited the country and never met most of them.


So when Pamela and I decided to visit to celebrate my cousin Helen's and my very own birthday, I was beyond excited.


Neither Pam or I knew what to expect, we knew Uncle Arthur and had spent lots of time with him when he had been over in June, but other than that we had never really spent anytime with our three cousins or five second cousins.


I can honestly say that I don't know what we expected, but it wasnt the total feeling of belonging that we both had from the minute we met every single member of our family. From the minute we met Helen and Arthur at the airport, Stuart at the car rental, Keegan, Kyle, Terry and Lisa at Arthurs it felt like we had known each other forever.


The atmosphere was electric and we all talked for hours about absolutley nothing. I've always known that they were there in Africa, but now I feel like I truely have family in Africa and that I gained, not cousins, but a sister and brother in Helen and Stuart and our amazing Unlce Arthur who looked after us and really made sure we had an absolute adventure of a lifetime. We will be going back!!

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