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16th July 2014


So I have always wanted a tattoo, I have always wanted a Scorpio related tattoo, so today I took the plunge and got my tattoo.


I had been to the tattoo place the previous week to have my ear pierced again, as I do when I start over again.... and they were so amazing that I spoke with Edwardo about my tattoo. We discussed the design and he was fab.


So needless to say, I now have a beautiful scorpion on my right ankle, I was going to have my star sign between it's claws, but given my present circumstances, I didn't want a perminant reminder of someone's initials on my ankle, so that was a No No.


To say it was painful is an understandment, but Ed said "If I were a dentist and you were 6yrs old, I would give you two stickers for being a brave girl" Wooooo Get Me...... I'm Brave....... Happy Days

DSC_7747 P4260058 Tattoo Edwardo