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ok, so your sat having lunch in Spur and your friend ask's what you are doing on Saturday. You shrug your shoulders only to be told, if you want, there is space on a skydive in Parys. There was only one questions and one answer.... Asking my wonderful cousin Helen if it was ok to go and of course the answer was Yes :)


So Helen, Keagan and I met Leslie, Gary and Henrietta at 11:30 and off we went to Parys, a small town about an hour and half outside of Johannasburg. To cut a wonderful day into a few words "Awesome, Amazing and I would do it again right now. Thanks to Skydive Parys, Leslie for organising and Helen for driving me and putting up with me and my excitement. Thank you a million times over

DSC_7747 DSC_5338 skydive2 skydive1 skydive 3