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Have a Go at Skiing



Ok so everyone tells me how amazing Skiing and Snowboarding are and me being me never wanted to try it before for a plethara of reasons, I thought I was to fat, I thought I would break my ankle, I thought I would look silly, the list goes on and on.........


Well I finally learnt that the only person stopping me having a go was myself and then I spotted a Wowcher for a taster lesson, so what the hell, lets give it a go.


So we rocked up to Chillfactor and had a go. I can honestly say that I tried to enjoy it, but my left boot was to tight and crushing my toes and then my knee gave out, so all in all it was a miserable experience, however Nath enjoyed it, so at least one of us had a good time.


Ultimatley I gave it a go and I can confirm that I don't intend to do it again, you can't love everything you try :)

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