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Scuba Diving

18 - 24th June


So I wanted to give Scuba Diving another go, so whilst I was away in Porto Santo, with the convienence of a Scuba School in the hotel, I thought it would be rude not to.


So I went and saw the team in the school and got signed up for a 'Try Dive' in the pool. Unfortunatley the hotel pool was a sea water pool with extra salt..... and there was the reason I didn't like Scuba Diving.... the taste of sea water. So I really didnt want to do the sea dive.


After much convincing and Claudio sticking his nose in, Bruno, Claudio and Anika arranged it all and so on Sunday afternoon Claudio dropped me off at the marina and off I went. Unfortunatley 'new' Discover Subca Divers and their instructors cannot take camera's with them, so I have no pictures under the sea, but i do have the pool pictures as proof.


It was amazing and I am so glad that Claudio 'stuck his nose in' and arranged it for me.

DSC_7747 P4260058 IMG_0348