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Complete Safety Boat Course

So I have completed my Level 1 and Level 2 in Powerboating and really wanted to become a fully qualified Safety Boat Driver.


Safety Boat driving is one of my great loves in life, I love the fact that the Safety team are looking after people while they are on the water and ensuring that they have a great time.


Anyway, I completed the Safety Boat course and I have been assisting covering Safety at our Scout Sailing Centre for a couple of years now. Unfortunatley I am one of those people whose skills are never going to  quite good enough to cut the grade to become a fully qualified Safety Driver.


However I have completed the dream by completing the course, I just never got signed off. As with all things some people are just not good enough at some things and we need to accept that.



DSC_7747 DSC_4587 Sue and the Seaking