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Ride An Elephant


Ok so elephants are one of the most beautiful, graceful creatures for their size in the world. So going to Africa meant we wanted to see the elephants, hopefully in the wild (but more of that on the African Safari Dream).

Whilst we were up at White River we had the opportunity to visit an Elephant sanctuary  for abandoned an injured elephants, where we learnt all about the elephants from their food and digestive system, to their reproductive cycles and their teeth.... Did you know that elephants have four sets of teeth throughout their lives that move like an escalator through their mouths until they have none left and then they move off away from the herd to marsh lands to enable them to eat softer foods, hense people believe they go to an elephant graveyard to die.


Anyway after learning all about the elephants we got to feed them and then ride them, it was an amazing day and I have such a greater appreciation for these gentle gia, but occasionally destructive animals.

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