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Make a Paperweight / Glass Blowing



Ok, so the actual dream was Glass Blowing, however this has been amended to 'Make a Paperweight' and Glass Blowing will make a re-appearance once another dream is completed.


Why is this the case.... this is because I wanted to do Glass Blowing as I never in a million years thought I would be able to make a paperweight as they look so complicated, but anyways Mum treated me to a session at 'World of Glass' in St Helens and I could either glass blow or make a paperweight and so i decided that I was going to make a paperweight with the help of Charlie the Maker of Nice Glass things.


So Yes I have now not only assisted in making a paperweight, but I also saw a demo on Glass Blowing and I now know how it is done, so it has put my 'Wonderings' to sleep.

DSC_7747 DSC_5338 paperweigh paperweight