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Name in Print

It has always been a secret obsession to see my name in print, and not just one something I have done or created like my Facebook page or on some minutes somewhere.


I've wanted to see it somewhere that other people will see it and I had totally forgotten about the quote I had supplied Scout HQ for them to use, as they saw fit in relation to the new Membership System they are bringing in this Summer.


So imagine my suprise when I open Facebook and see a notification that someone had commented on a picture that I was tagged in........


I opened the link and the picture below is what I found, I couldnt work out, initially where it had come from, until I spotted the latest Scouting magazine on the table, opened it and out dropped the leaflet on Compass and on the reverse side, there was my quote and my name. It maybe little and only a leaflet, but I was so proud.

DSC_7747 Compass Compass 2