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By Charlie, Oct 16 2018 09:19PM

I can’t remember which film I heard this on, so feel free to let me know, however ‘Fear really is the starting gun on life”

From being born, whats the first thing that we do, we cry! Why do we cry out? Because we are scared, this new open space is all new to us and being scared is a form of fear. So right from the minute we enter the world the Starting Pistol is firing for us.

Whilst we are young we have lots of Starters, the first day at nursery when we hang on to mum so tight because we dont want her to leave, the first time we walk home in the dark, the first time we sit in a car, turn the key and put our foot on the accelerator, the day we sign for a rental or mortgage agreement. These are all Starters in our lives.

So why, once we have the education, the car, the job and the house do we feel content to sit back and leave those Starters behind. Yes, going out there and Starting again can be scary, but so was your first job interview, so was the first time you started at ‘big’ school, so whats the difference? You made it through thar, so why not now?

The difference is, that, as a grown up, we believe it is others chance to make the Starters, it was always someone else who pushed us into going to our first ballet class, to applying for that first job, so why do we need to be pushed?

Don’t be scared, use that fear to start your next Starter Pistol in life

By Charlie, Oct 10 2018 08:50AM

Well it has been over a year since I last posted and todays question is Why?

I ask this question of myself on a regular basis; Why do people behave like this? Why did that have to happen? Why does it happen to me? and by far the most popular one is Why? Just Why?

There are lots of things that i don't understand or even pretend to understand, as I do pretend a lot. I suppose it hides my insecurities, hides the fact that my own shadow scares me, hides the fact I hate being on my own but also love spending time by myself as its the only time that I don't need to pretend.

I don't need to pretend I like people, I don't need to behave like I want to be somewhere, i don't need to be constantly trying to keep people happy.

Is it my job to make people happy? Is it my job to pick people up everytime they fall down? Yes I think it is, but my question to you is Why?

By Charlie, Aug 15 2017 04:09PM

Happiness is something that you need to find from within.

No one has the right to take away your happiness, you are in contriol of your happiness.

Sometimes it feels that someone ele has the right to take away your happiness away, but they don't. If you feel that someone has taken your happiness away, it's because you have let them take it away.

Everyone is unique and special and people that impact our lives come into our lives for many reasons.

I do believe that whether life experiences are seen as bad or good, either way there is a lesson to be learnt and if we learn from our lessons it makes us better and stronger people.

So when you are feeling down and you feel that your happiness has been taken away, then look, honestly, at why you are not happy and what you need to do to make you happy again.

Be honest and true to yourself and those around you. Never hide anything from someone in your life that you value, don't give them a reason not to trust you. Ultimatley if you think that they will walk away from you because of your opinion or your life choices then maybe they are not the person that you thought they were. Let them go and if they come back or never leave in the first place, whatever it is, it will make you stronger.

Just be honest and true and be yourself. If they love you, they will love you back.

By Charlie, Aug 12 2017 08:27AM

Trust is something that is given freely to anyone but this can change in a second and when trust is gone it takes time to get it back.

What makes trust for me is knowing that the other person values you enough to not lie to you.

They may not tell you everything about their lives, at the end of the day, no one ever tells someone the whole truth about them. Everyone has secrets, they can be things they are not proud of, things that they don't want anyone else to know, but secrets are not a balance of trust.

Trust is knowing that when you speak to someone they are telling you the truth and that you can trust them.

When people don't tell the truth, they are showing that they do not value the relationship with that person and thats when the relationship breaks down.

When you have a relationship with someone, be it friends, lovers or family, there should never be a reason to give them a reason not to trust them by not telling the truth. There is an ocean of difference between not telling the truth and not saying anything, but once you have lost that trust not saying anything and continueing to not tell the truth will destroy any future relationship that you have with that person.

The moral of this story is this..... If you want a relationship with someone either as a friend, lover or anything else you should always be honest and tell the truth. If you think the truth will hurt someone, its not your decision to decide what will hurt them. Tell the truth and let them decide.

By Charlie, Jul 30 2017 06:33PM

Hey Hunni, I'm Back......

Ok, so we've had a couple of really bad weeks, but this week that has turned on it's head and I've had the most amamazing week.

Work has been fab, Barnsley went like a dream, up and running on day one. Great team atmosphere so work is all good.

Had a quiet week with Scouting, but it is the summer holidays so most groups are either on camp or closed for the summer. Had a fab Sat/Sun at Blackhills with Siddal, I even got 6hrs sleep, result, you can read more about that on my DC blog.

Great start to Monday with loosing another 3lbs, fab session with Sarah on Monday, had a fab catch up and night out with Laura on Friday night. Lunch with Mum yesterday, then off on camp. Back this morning, quick shower and nap and then a lovely chilled lunch with Dan. My new DC blog is up and running, Jeff now has his own Facebook page thanks to the constant moaning from Jennifer. Song finally recorded and I am over the moon with it and so it is constantly playing in my car now lol

So I am back and there is no stopping me now. Onwards and Upwards. No point in looking backwards or trying to plan your future, take everyday as it is, love it, live it and learn from anything that doesn't make you happy.

Bring it on :)