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When you just know........

By Charlie, Apr 18 2019 04:28PM

Everyone hears about love at first sight, everyone also knows that there is no such thing and if I'm honest I agree however I do believe in knowing when something is right within minutes of knowing or meeting someone.

On the very rare occasion, someone will walk into your life and you will know immediately that you have a connection with them. It may only be as good friends or it may turn into something more, but when you know you know.

How do I know this? Because last year I saw someone and immediatly wanted to know more about them. I hadnt met him, but something told me I wanted to. From the first time we spoke I knew I wanted to get to know more about him.

When a connection is right it is magical, it's taken me 44 years to find my soul mate, but I've found him now and, no matter what anyone says or does, we are stronger than anyone will ever know.

From the first kiss until the end of time I know with all my heart that we will be together, so for anyone out there that doesn't believe in soulmates, in someone that will love you unconditionally, in someone that will want everyting you want, in someone that finsishes you sentences or says them before the words have left your mouth, I can promise you this, there is someone out there for you and you will find them.

I found my soulmate when I wasn't even looking, he makes me so happy, I never thought it was possible to be this happy or this in love with someone, but now I know what true love is and I am never letting it go.

It may take time, but eventually you will find yours too and when you do, don't ever let them go xx