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We All Question How We Got Here

By Charlie, Oct 23 2018 07:39PM

Every now and again, and sometimes more often that, we occasionally wonder what our purpose is and how we have got to where we are.

Sometimes we need to think about the people around us, the people that influence our everyday lives. From our family and friends to our work colleagues and neighbours. Every interaction changes our opinions, our actions and therefore the outcome e.g. us.

We may not like it but sometimes reflecting on the people we love the most can be the hardest thing to do. They have the biggest influence on us and can effect the outcome of our actions.

Maybe today is the day to change some of our inbuilt reactions to situations and move out of that box into a slightly more uncomfortable place.

What do you want to do today? If the day was all yours and there was no restrictions to what you could do what would you do?

Ok so money is always an issue to dreams, but there is always something you can do. It doesn’t have to include money, it could be something as simply as bringing happiness to someone else. Just by smiling at a stranger on the street or picking up something that someone has dropped, could bring someone happiness and in turn bring you happiness.

So maybe today is the day to make yourself smile, to bring yourself your own little smile of sunshine.

Have a great day