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Waking with a smile......

By Charlie, Mar 3 2019 05:08AM

When someone knows you so well they will do whatever is needed to make you happy. They will go out of their way to make sure you are ok. They work hard to make your relationship work.

If you are ever lucky enough to find that person then make sure that you do the same for them everyday. Relationships take work and they will only work if you work at them constantly.

That said, if you are ever actually lucky enough to find the one person who doesn't have to try to make you happy, the person that just by looking at you makes your heart sing. The person who makes you laugh everyday, the person who knows automatically that something is wrong and knows exactly how to make it better.

If you are lucky enough to find your solemate, the one who you connect with on a whole other level, the one that is your future, that knows what you are going to say, that loves you no matter how much makeup you have on or how insanely crazy your hair is, then don't ever doubt them, love them, be happy and live the life you have always been meant to have. Don't let anything get in the way