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Doubt of the Mind.......

By Charlie, Mar 2 2019 02:58AM

Do you ever get the feeling when you want someone so much and then you actually get them, that it can't actually be real?

When you want someone so much that you can't sleep and you can't eat, you can't do anything but think of them.

Then that day comes when you are lucky enough to get the seemingly impossible and all you have is doubt. You have, for the first time, put your heart on the line because you want it so much, but now the doubt is there. The doubt caused by not knowing the full story, the doubt caused by shadows cast by others. You know, that deep down, you want to believe what you are hearing, but you also know the truth.

So do you stay, stick it out and hope that it is real, or do you run, run away and save yourself the potential heartache if its not?

Only you can decide, only you can do whats right for you....... Fight or Flight.........