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Do Something Scary Everyday......

By Charlie, Feb 21 2019 02:44AM

So, I've been told that if something scares you, you should do it.

Doing things that are scary are what makes us stronger, they are what pushes us to learn so much faster. We either learn about ourselves or about a situation or about others, but like all things in life, it is how we choose to learn from each of these scary moments that makes us the awesome people that we are.

So the question comes, what if it's too scary?

How do you know when you have crossed that line from scary into completely crazy cuckoo land? The short answer is you don't and you won't know until you try and then find out. The long answer is pretty much the same with maybe a few added days/weeks/months of stress, not eating and not sleeping until you work out whether you think you can take that leap into scary or if it way out in crazy cuckoo land and its not somewhere you feel you can go.

Life is not meant to be easy, we don't live in a choregraphed disney movie, we live in the real world. The place where we make mistakes, the place where not every decision is the right one, where we learn as best we can but still dont always make the right decision.

Sometimes we need scary and sometimes we need to be safe, which path you choose doesn't define who you are, its what you learn along the way.