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Decision Making.......

By Charlie, Dec 28 2018 07:39PM

Sometimes we all have to make decisions which effect only ourselves but others around us in our life.

The question is how do you know what the reasons are for your decision and are those reasons the right reasons.

Are the reasons for actual benefit to yourself, to benefit others around you or is it a call for help?

Every action that we make, every minute of the day is made for a reason. Can we validate all those actions and then validate the reasons behind those validations?

How many actions each day do we make for the actual benefit of ourselves and how many are done to call attention to our own existance?

When we have big decisions to make, how do we know if we are making them for the right reasons?

So many questions and can any of us actually honestly answer them without any feeling of guilt?

For us to be truely happy we need to make the right decisions for the right reasons, but does that mean making them just to make ourselves happy, or does that make us selfish?

Thoughts on a postcard.......