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Actions and Reactions......

By Charlie, Mar 8 2019 03:20AM

Do you ever find yourself waking up at exactly the same time or after the exact same number of hours sleep for days on end?

Do you ever believe that there is a greater force controlling not only your sleep but your life?

There is...... Fate!!!

Everything on this earth happens for a reason, from the weather to the turning of the tides, to the sun coming up and going down each day. You can't always predict the outcome of these things, but they all happen for a reason.

Sometimes that reason may not be one that feels right when it happens, for example the passing of a loved one, but it happens for a reason. You may never know the reason, but there is one.

So if everything happens for a reason, why are we given brains and the ability to execute our own actions. That's due to the fact that even though we believe we are controlling those actions however the outcomes will be influenced by others, may that the weather, another person, a traffic accident that makes you late for that important meeting, someone or something will impact it.

So if something happens today, think about why it's happened, could you have changed the outcome? The answer is No, as it has already happened, but you can always learn for next time.

Be kind, think about your actions and how they effect others, every action has a reaction. It may not be your action or even your reaction, but every single action you make impacts others. So please be mindful and care and respect your fellow humans and the world that we are so fortunate to inhabit.