"Life Goes On, Time Never Stops, So Stay on the Ride and Enjoy It........"

39 Dreams

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Long Bow



So today we have been on a Long Bow course with the Long Bow Team from Tatton Park.


We met in the Old Hall, a real old hall dating back through the centuries. The Hall was lit by candle light, while our teachers taught us all about the Long Bow and it's use throughout time.


Then it was outside to have a go. Well we had done archery before, so we didnt think that this would be much different, we were very wrong. There are no rests on the bows, you use your own fist, and there are no knocks on the string, you hold it with your own fingers......


After a couple of goes we go the technique and we were away. The time flew by and before we knew it, it was break time and then a couple of hours later it was almost time to finish and they got the Crossbow out for us to have a go.


It was a good job we had Grant on our team as he was the only one strong enough to load the Crossbow.


We had a great day and the sun shinned on us and another dream ticked off, happy days

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