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Learn to Play the Saxaphone


I have always wanted to play the Saxaphone, I always remember at school watching Wendy play her Alto Saxaphone in the Concert Band and wishing I could play like her.


Don't get me wrong I love my flute and really enjoyed playing it, however now I have the chance to learn to play the Alto Saxaphone.


Mark has bought me the most beautiful Alto Saxaphone, it is not the normal gold colour, but a beautiful black body with gold keys, it is stunning.


Anyway the fingering for Saxaphone is the same as the flute, so I am already half way there, I just need to learn the proper method for blowing and I will be away.


So I am not sure at one point I will say I have 'learnt' the Saxaphone, but I am sure I will know.


I'll get a picture of me playing so you can see how gorgeous the Sax is