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Knit Something



Ok so I have knitted things in the past, which I have given up on after a couple of days


So after seeing some of the amazing things that two of my friends, Emma and Matt have knitted and also the fab things mum has done with the baby clothes and chicks, I wanted to have a go.


However patience is not my strong point and Matt sent me a link to arm knitting.... A 30 Minute Infinity Scarf


Now that sounds like something I could do...... So this morning, after some encouragement from Matt, I got out the wool, found the instructional video and went for it.


Well it took me about two hours, of which I think I spent the first 40 minutes working out how to cast on, but I got there and I did it and I can honestly say that I am very proud of the end result.


I am going to wear it tomorrow, so I will get a picture and add the finished article

DSC_7747 P4100002 IMG00639-20140411-1250 27E160DD-7FE3-4A54-806D-6692A84EE556