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Ice Skating



Ok, so it's not like I have never ever been Ice Skating, however it was so long ago, I couldn't remember if I liked it, all I remember is going and Anthea breaking her leg, i don't actually remember stepping on the ice.


However, thanks to one crazy Finish exchange Student by the name of Henrietta, Lesley arranged for us all to go Ice Skating whilst I was in South Africa...... Yes Ice Skating in South Africa when it was 33 degrees outside.... Whats that all about.


Anyway, I can proudly say that I did it, I didn't fall over and yes I let go of the side at least a couple of times. I actually enjoyed it that much that I would seriously consider doing it again, even if I was wearing size 9 Skates hahahaaaaaa

DSC_7747 DSC_5338 ice skating 1