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39 Dreams

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Giving Blood



So today was another mile marker in the completion of 39 Dreams, today was the day of 'Giving Blood'


I have been really nervous all day that I would get there and they would say "No your bloods no good" but after completing a questionaire, a few questions around my recent surgery, IVF treatment and an anemia test I was ready to go.


My nurs, Lou, who reminded me of one of my friends Lou Barker, made me feel really at ease and on the furst attempt she found my vein and we were off. Nine minutes later, and if course a photo for on here, I was done.


The funniest part was that I was given a Red Card, around A5 size, as I was 'a first timer' which meant I got extra biscuits.


They were such an amazing team if nurses, I will definatley be doing it again, so I'm going to leave the Dream as a live one to make sure I go again.

DSC_7747 Blood Donors