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Easy Risotto

Ingredients for Basic Risotto                                                                                  Stage 1 ingredients

1 handful of Risotto/Arborio rice per person                                                          Some form of onions/leeks/Garlic finely chopped:

300ml of boiling water per person                                                                           1/2 an onion/leak/ per person

1 Chicken/Vegetable stock cube per person                                                         1/2 clove of garlic (you don't have to use garlic, only if you like it)


Stage 2 Ingredients                                                                                                    Stage 3 - Extras

Whatever you have and whatever combination you feel will work                      White wine

Examples of ones I have done are:                                                                          Grated Paramazan

Chorizo & Pea


Baby Summer Veg - Sweetcorn, mangetout & French Beans

Chicken, Bacon & Broccilli Florets

Pork Loin & apple

Chicken & Sweetcorn



In a large saute pan (like a frying pan with 3inch sides) you can use a big saucepan if you don't have a saute pan or even a wok, heat the pan with nothing in for a couple of minutes and then add a splash (2tblsp) of oil and then turn the heat right down and add the stage 1 ingredients and gentley soften them for a couple of minutes.


If using chorizo or bacon, chop into small pieces around 1cm square and add to the stage 1 ingredients to gentley fry.


After a couple of minutes add the meat or mushrooms from stage 2, all other stage 2 vegetables should be kept OUT for now as we want them crunchy

Fry until the meat is browned and/or the mushrooms have gone a bit floppy


Now add your risotto rice to the frying pan and mix well with the other ingredients

If using white wine add half a glass per person now and stir until it evaporates

Fry for a couple of minutes and then sprinkle in your dry stockcube(s) and mix again


Now add a ladel worth of boiling water to the pan and stir well


Once all the water has been sucked into the rice add another ladel of water (I leave the water in the kettle and just pour in what i think is about a ladel worth)


Keep doing this until you have added 3 ladels worth of water, stirring all the time and then  I add 2 ladel worths of water and any bigger veg ie broccilli, carrots, cauliflower etc. Stir well and then pop on the lid and simmer for a few mins, pop the washer on, fill the dishwasher, hug the husband/significant other, play with the kids or pets


Go back and stir again, once all the liquid has gone add 2 more ladels and repeat the step above, if you are adding other 'crunchy'/small veg ie sweetcorn, frozen peas, green beans add them now, a handful per person and stir


All ingredients are different, so keep adding the water until the rice is cooked to how you like it, some people like it very soft, some people like it a little crunchy


Finally add half a handful of grated paramazan per person right at the end. stir and serve immediately on it's own or glam up with garlic bread or forcachia