"Life Goes On, Time Never Stops, So Stay on the Ride and Enjoy It........"

39 Dreams

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So here are the Dreams that I have completed to date.


As with the Dream theory it is not about completing Dreams in a timescale, it is about having Dreams and getting out and doing them and completing them to a level that you can achieve


To find out more about what I did to complete my Dream click on the Dream.


The Dreams highlighted in Yellow are still awaiting pictures


Turn a Wooden Bowl Visit 5 London Landmarks Make Cheese Do a Bungee Jump Do Family Tree for 5 Generations Grow and Make Jam Learn to Splice Create a Website Go on a Sailing Holiday Go Sea Fishing & Catch a Fish Enter a Marathon Ride a Horse Adopt a Dog Bake Bread that isn't a Rock Make Chorizo Complete a Safety Boat Course Have a Go at Wind Surfing Make Fresh Pasta Try Dry Stone Walling Baby Sitting Make a Novelty Birthday Cake Own a Tortoise Feed a Baby Lamb Name in Print Grow an Apple Tree Make My own Chocolates Handle a Bird of Prey Knit Something Long Bow See a West End Musical

58 Completed To Date..... 60 To Do by 31th October 2019

Give Blood Complete a Course Try Scuba Diving again Get a Tattoo Complete Race for Life 5 Times Make Over and Photoshoot Visit Family In Africa Ride an Elephant African Safari Play Real Bingo The BIG Swing Swim with Sharks Have a Go at Jet Ski-ing Make a Paperweight Put 20 Recipes on Here Fly in the Sky Create a Cocktail Have a Go on a Driving Range Learn an Alternative Therapy Have a Go at Skiing Visit the Set of Wild at Heart Go Karting Have my own Greenhouse Stone Rolling Ice Skating Watch Bambi Sky Diving Make a Necklace