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Homemade Chorizo

So I have always had an obsession with smoking, curing, pickling, jamming and drying various food stuffs, so it made sence that chorizo would appear on the list of things to do.


So after much research on the internet and the purchase of a meat mincer, sausage cases and an obsene amount of paprika, I went to our local Farm Shop to buy the essential ingredient, Pork.


I knew what I wanted, but to be sure I thought I would ask the advise from some butchers that I greatly respect at our Farm Shop. I simply asked the best cuts of Pork for Chorizo.... I was expecting the amswer of a mixture of belly and loin.... but what did I get.... laughed at and told that Iwas wasting my time as it never worked at home.


Well this made me even more determined to achieve my goal. So I bought my pork and went home to start the chorizo.


After mincing the pork and mixing in my secret mixture of black pepper and paprika, I then attached the sausage stuffing nozzle to my mincer and proceeded to make choizo sausages.


After 4 weeks of hanging in our cellar, I had made very success chorizo. I was very proud


Another Dream DONE!

DSC_7747 choritzo 2 choritzo 1