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Bowl Turning & Complete a Course

Ok so we have two dreams in one.


On Friday 16th March 2012 I went on a Wood Turning Course for the day with the most wonderfully patient gentlemen I have ever met.


I arrived at 9am and got my 'smock' and then it was off to the workshop with Bob Chapman, Wood Turner Extraordinaire to start the day.


Firstly we did the health and saftey, I never realised then amount of things you had to look for in a workshop...... then it was straight onto the wood turning.


First I practiced on a short piece and got a chance to try different ways of turning and the different tools that you can use, then it was onto the Apple.


Suprise Suprise I took ages to decide what wood i wanted to use and then we were off.


The morning went by in a flash and at the end of it I had the most beautiful Laburnum turned Apple with a Purple Heart Stalk, then it was off for lunch, provided by Bob's lovely wife Linda, homemade lasagne and salad YUM


Then after lunch it was back to the workshop and onto making my bowl, with a little help we turned this lovely Ash bowl, sanded it, polished it, made a few mistakes, not telling you where though :)


Bob is a very patient teacher, who works at your speed and always makes you feel like you are the best, cleverest student he has ever taught.


If you want further details of Bob Chapman, Wood Turner Extraordinaire please see his website

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