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Bake Bread that is not a Rock

Ok so it has always been a dream to be able to make proper bread, to go with my homemade cheese and jam, but after many years of trying and it coming out like a japanese fighting weapon I had all but given up.


That was until Rob was making lovely handmade bread and, you guessed it, the "I need to do better" requirement kicked in.


So after lots more failed attempts I made it, the most lovely, crispy on the outside and fluffly in the inside bread was achieved, and not only once.... I repeated it a number of times, until I realised that the mass consumption of bread was both defeating the exercise and diet plan, along with irriating my IBS.


However the dream of making lovely bread has been achieved.


As Gordon Ramsey would say.... "DONE"

DSC_7747 bread 1 bread 2