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39 Dreams

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About me

OK, so Hi and welcome to my website.


Where did 39 Dreams come from what is it all about?


39 Dreams came about after I got myself into a really dark place.


I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression and after trying councilling and medication I hit upon a realisation that the only person that could help me was me.


It was my mindset that needed to change. I was very much stuck in a rut between work and my home life and I realised that I never did anything for myself. I never made time for me.


Once I established in my head that this wasn't being selfish, this was about self preservation I thought about how I could take time out for myself.


Now, everyone is different, and one thing that I am still working on is my self worth, as this is something that I struggle the most with. I have always been told to Do My Best and as much as this sentiment is great to me it translated that if My Best wasn't good enough then I was a failure. Even with this in mind I needed something to achieve, to prove to myself that I was good enough. So it was thirty nine months to my 40th birthday so I set myself a challenge to do every month, that was just about me doing something.


When I told people they told me it was a bucket list, so I decided I would have Dreams instead of Challenges and they would go on forever, so I would always have 39 Dreams. One of my first set of Dreams was to have my own website and so 39 Dreams was born and here we are.

So grab a coffee, sit back and think about what you want for you

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