"Life Goes On, Time Never Stops, So Stay on the Ride and Enjoy It........"

39 Dreams

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The Current Dreams

The Rules

  • There must be evidence of completion that each dream has been completed

  • Every Dream must be something I want to do for myself

Write the Words for a Song Go In A Hot Air Balloon Learn the art of Rekki Make my own Jaffa Cakes Start my Own Business Climb a Mountain Go to a Yoga Class Make a Hand Raised Pork Pie Publish a Short Story Use My Sewing Machine Make a Bird Box Visit Dave in New Zealand Write Music to Song Go on the IOM Parish Walk Write a Short Story Complete "The Challenge" Learn to play Saxaphone Play Baker St on Saxaphone Learn to Flower Arrange Go on Business or First Class Flight
Walk the Coast to Coast
New Dream to be Confirmed
New Dream to be confirmed
Record a CD
Enter IOM End to End
Learn Encaustic Art
Go to a Millitary Tattoo
Travel on the Eurotunnel
New Dream to be Confirmed
Yo Sushi School
Visit Guernsey on Bikes
See the Northern Lights
Improve Juggling Skills
Ride around the Isle of Wight
Go On a Chocolate Course

Click on any of the Dreams in BOLD for further information and where I'm up to with that Dream

Play Tennis
Go to the Shetland Isles
Make a Dreams Website for Others